What Dreams May Come is a Sci-Fi tabletop RPG running in the FATE system. The name of the game is a reference to the famous soliloquy from Hamet, "To Be, Or Not To Be"

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If you're on this page, congratulations! You've been invited to play! Below you'll find some information on character creation and Earth in 2188 CE.

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    New page: Nadie Greywind Aliases Madam President, Eagle One Relatives Robert Greywind, Sokanon Greywind Affiliation ...
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    New page: A Dromar Creche is the large central ship in any given Dromar fleet. It carries all associated civilians to the fleet.
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    New page: The Dromar are currently the only known alien species. Little is known about them, save what Ophelia has managed to decode so far. Physiology Edit...
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    New page: First Contact generally refers to the first time a particular species meets an alien species. For the purposes of this article, this refers to the...

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